«Per Hess is a painter who uses the color as an instrument to elucidate various political topics related to areas such as finance and communication. In his exhibition at Kunst1 he investigates the world famous colorist Claude Monets 2 months long stay in Sandvika februar and mars 1895, where he «wanted to paint the white snow in all its colors».
Monet´s signature is analyzed in a series of painted «prints». Per Hess explains «I have studied Monet´s production of the 29 cataloged paintings he work up during his stay, all signed. In one of these signatures the letter t in Monet had virtually the shape of a Y. This has only occurred one time in all of Monet’s total production. No other of his paintings are signed so. The Y allows Monet being the Money. In an unconsciously but clairvoyant moment Monet has captured an unintended aspect of developments in the value of his paintings at the international art market.

In the series of 5 pictures, one for each letter, I retrieve Monet’s signature from the two Norwegian books that are published about Monet’s residence in Sandvigen in 1895. Raster from the book, the graphical leftover, is retained because it provides a perceptual experience that is more intense in that color spots mixes various color shades for our eye. This was impressionists experience, elaborated by the pointilists and continued by printing techniques with its use of raster-cliché´s to render images with many hues. I used this experience when painting the pictures.»

From the press release of Henning L. Mortensen, to the exhibition «Monet – Money».