Public commission for Rikshospitalet, Oslo.
Situated in the hallway, glass walkway, pool space and patient room, SEED is placed in more than 700 different locations. It is the hospital’s most extensive commission piece. Ten organic forms in epoxy and pigment make up the series.

SEED is encountered by all the hospital’s users: first at the entrance to the hospital, then throughout the glass walkway where they function as ‘road signs’ in the flooring, cast in terrasso or granite.

In the physiotherapy training room with a pool, the shapes are outlined on the reinforced glass, the transparencies in the pool and behind the matt glass on the floor. A wet footprint brings out the image of the shape.
In every patient room one again encounters SEED as a larger form set into the flooring just inside the door. This adds an element of recognition and welcomes the patient, while making it easier for each patient to identify their room. In the ceiling over the beds the shapes reappear as objects of meditation, one over each bed and painted in white so as to almost blend with the white ceiling.ø/