21. August 2021

The Silver Auditorium Krona
Per Hess / Kongsberg Kunstforening

High Technology and Humanity

Lectures: Thorbjørn Jagland / Jon Hovland Honerud / Hilde Honerud /
 Linda Bournane Engelberth / Bernt Hagtvet. Speaker: Tone Østerdal

The KONGSBERG seminar focuses on art and is an open informative seminar project with the goal of promoting engaged conversation about the traces of today’s worldwide technology industry including mass production of digital weapons in a local community as Kongsberg. High technology and humanity are highly topical issues today in a rapidly changing world. Artificial intelligence, biotechnology, algorithms and Big Data are major challenges that give us a future we do not know. Can art be a tool for identity, meaning and understanding in a future where man as subject is challenged?

Link: https://youtu.be/Yjo7Lx9Nx-c