Kongsberg kunstforening

12. June - 11 July / 5 - 22. August

Silver Mind

Festival exhibition 2021
12. June – 11 July / 5 – 22. August
Opening 12. June kl. 13 – 17.00

Artist talk
Hilde Honerud/Per Hess

Performance Neonmeditasjoner
Risto Holopainen/Per Hess

Per Hess/Kongsberg Kunstforening
High Technology and Humanity
Thorbjørn Jagland/Jon Hovland Honerud/Kjetil Røed/
Øivind Lorentz Storm Bjerke/Hilde Honerud/Bernt Hagtvet
Moderator Hilde Eriksen
The Big Auditorium Krona,
Saturday 21. August 10.00 — 15.45.

The KONGSBERG seminar focuses on art and is an open informative seminar project with the goal of promoting engaged conversation about the traces of today’s worldwide technology industry in a local community as Kongsberg. High technology and humanity are highly topical issues today in a rapidly changing world. Artificial intelligence, biotechnology, algorithms and Big Data are major challenges that give us a future we do not know. Can art be a tool for identity, meaning and understanding in a future where man as subject is challenged?