Per Hess
CV. Recent edition

Date and place of birth
20 January 1946. Kongsberg, Norway
Lives and work in Oslo, Norway

1970-1973. National College of Art and Design
1973-1979. National Academy of Fine Art
1980. Granted post education. Germany. France. Italy

Member of
Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK)
Association of Norwegian Painters (LNM)
Association of Norwegian Sculptors (NBF)

Project Manager Public Art
Curator Public Art

One man shows
2019. “Neon Meditations”, Lydgalleriet. Bergen, Norway
2016-2017. “Sudden Rain”, Atopia Artlab. Oslo, Norway
2015. “Yellow”, Gallery LNM. Oslo, Norway
2015. “Room#7”, Gallery Lynx. Oslo, Norway
2015. “Behind the Stars”, Kunstplass 10. Oslo, Norway
2014. “Room#6”, Kunsthall Trafo. Asker, Norway
2013. “Personal Structures”, Palazzo Bembo, 55 Biennale di Venezia, Italy
2012. “White is the New Black “, Gallery GAD. Oslo, Norway
2010. “Monet – Money”, Gallery1. Sandvika, Norway
2005. “White Wash”, Hå gamle prestegard. Jæren, Norway
2004. “Down to Business”, Gallery LNM. Oslo, Norway
2003. “Blue”, Gallery Uffizi. Bærum, Norway
2001. Gallery Uffizi. Bærum, Norway
2001. “White Border”, Buskerud Art Centre. Drammen, Norway
2000. “Sequenz 1”. Høvik, Norway
1999. “Specially Coloured”, Kongsberg Art Association. Kongsberg, Norway
1993. “Colour Images”, Gallery LNM. Oslo, Norway
1991. “The Eyeport”, Gallery Gimle. Oslo, Norway

Group exhibitions
2018. “Neon Argon Krypton”, Bærum Kunsthall. Snarøya, Norway
2018. Oslo Open. Oslo, Norway
2017. “Personal Structures”, Palazzo Mora, 57 Biennale di Venezia, Venezia
2017. Oslo Open. Oslo, Norway
2016. The Annual Autumn Exhibition. Oslo, Norway
2016. Galerie Cite des Baux Arts, Paris, France
2016. Oslo Open. Oslo, Norway
2014. Oslo Open. Oslo, Norway
2008. “Move back to start”, Gallery 0047. Oslo, Norway
2005. “Contemporary”, TRAFO Artist House. Oslo, Norway
2005. Jølster Museum. Jølster, Norway
2003. “Sequenz 2”. Høvik, Norway
2000. “Marshmallow Man”, Oslo Open. Oslo, Norway
1995. The Annual Autumn Exhibition. Oslo, Norway
1994. The Annual Autumn Exhibition. Oslo, Norway
1992. Norway East Exhibition. Oslo, Norway
1989. Gallery LNM. Oslo, Norway
1986. The Annual Autumn Exhibition. Oslo, Norway

Public collections
2001. National Foundation for Public Art Norway (KORO)
1997. National Foundation for Public Art Norway (KORO)
1988. National Touring Exhibitions/National Gallery. Norway

2019. Norwegian Visual Artists Foundation
2018. Norwegian Visual Artists Foundation
2017. Rune Brynestads Memorial Grant
2017. Ingrid Lindbäck Langaard’s Foundation
2016. Ingrid Lindbäck Langaard’s Foundation. Cité des beaux Artes, Paris
2016. Norwegian Visual Artists Foundation
2015. Visual Artists Art Fund
2015. Norwegian Visual Artists Foundation
2014. Arts Counsil Norway
2013. Norwegian Visual Artists Foundation
2013. Oslo City Culture
2006. Oslo City Culture Grant
2005. The Sasakawa Foundation: Grant to study contemporary public art in Japan
2004. Ingrid Lindbäck Langaard’s Foundation
2003. “Neon Neos. Oslo – Berlin”, Project Grant, Arts Council Norway
1996. National Guarantee Income for artists (GI)

Public Art
2011. Gjerpen Public School: “Signs”. Skien, Norway
2006. University of Stavanger: “Urban Structures”. Stavanger, Norway
2001. Drammen Police Headquarters: “Bridges”. Drammen, Norway
1994-2000. Rikshospitalet – The National Hospital in Oslo: “Seed”. Oslo, Norway
1994-2000. Rikshospitalet – The National Hospital in Oslo: “Via”. Oslo, Norway
1999. Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association: “The Editors Dog”, Oslo, Norway
1995. National Foundation for Public Art Norway (KORO): “Free”. Oslo, Norway
1991. Radiumhospitalet – Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Pharmacy: “The Snake”. Oslo, Norway
1988. Department of Informatics, University of Oslo. Oslo, Norway

Art projects
2011-2012. “The Portrait Wall”, Det Norske Teater – The Norwegian Teatre. Oslo, Norway
2007-2009. “Red Concrete”, Stavanger Consert Hall. Stavanger, Norway
2007-2008. Nordland Central Hospital: “Concept Colour/Estetics”. Bodø, Norway
2003-2006. “Neon Neos”. Oslo/Berlin, Norway/Germany
2003-2004. St. Olav’s Hospital: “Concept Colour”. Trondheim, Norway
1994-2000. Rikshospitalet – The National Hospital in Oslo: “Total Concept Colour”, (KORO). Oslo, Norway

Curator/Art Consultant for public commissions
2013-2019. New Oslo Public Library, Bjørvika, Oslo, Norway
2015-2016. Trandum Immigration Internat III, Gardermoen, Norway
2013-2015. Trandum Immigration Internat I og II, Gardermoen, Norway
2012-2015. Edvard Munch High School, The City of Oslo. Oslo, Norway
2013-2014. Expert Committee for appointment of the new professor of Art in public space,
Academy of Art (KHIO), Oslo, Norway
2012-2014. Eidsvolls plass. “The Monument of Christian Frederik”, (KORO). Oslo, Norway
2012-2014. Ullevålsveien 5 High School, (SHKS), The City of Oslo. Oslo, Norway
2009-2012. Kilden, Performing Arts Centre, (KORO). Kristiansand, Norway
2008-2009. Chairman of Art Competition Jury: “Landmark Lohavn”, The City of Oslo. Oslo, Norway
2006-2008. Aker Solutions Head Quarter. Snarøya, Norway
2005-2006. Main Hospital Asker and Bærum HF. Sandvika, Norway
2005-2007. National Foundation for Public Art Norway (KORO), Purchasing committee IV
2003-2005. National Foundation for Public Art Norway (KORO), Purchasing committee III
2002-2003. National Political Centre – Eidsvoll 1814, (KORO). Eidsvoll, Norway
2001-2002. Akerselva Nursing Home, The City of Oslo. Oslo, Norway
1995-1999. University Library. University of Oslo, (KORO), Norway
1996-1997. Svinndal Environmental Street. Svinndal, Norway
1995-1997. Stenbråten School, The City of Oslo. Oslo, Norway
1995-1996. Askim Nursing Home. Askim, Norway
1993-1994. Helga Engs Building, University of Oslo, (KORO). Norway
1992-1995. Faculty of Law, University of Bergen, (KORO). Norway
1992-1995. BI Norwegian School of Management, University of Bergen, (KORO), Norway
1992-1994. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bergen, (KORO). Norway

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Written work
2009-2017. Essays and Cronics in Aftenposten, Morgenbladet, Klassekampen, Billedkunst,
2015. Curatorial Statement: Edvard Munch High School, Catalog “As Life Is, Olav Christopher Jenssen”
Main text Gertrud Sandquist. Oslo Cultural Agency
2011. Editor: “Art in Kilden, Performing Arts Centre”. Catalog. Main text Power Ekroth. KORO
2008. Curatorial Statement: “Art in Aker Solutions Head Quarter”. Catalog. Main text Power Ekroth
2007. Co producer: “OTHER ART ROOMS – OTHER CONTEXTS”, 12 projects. Introduction by Per Gunnar Tverbakk. KORO
2004. Co producer: “DIALOG – Art and Place give Meaning”, 11 projects. KORO
1999. Article: “Decorating the University Library in Oslo”. Main text Johannes Rød. Gyldendal
1996. Editor: National Foundation for Public Art Norway´s Yearbook “Public Commissions 1992-95”. KORO
1986. Editor: “Manual for Norwegian Artists Union”
1982-1985 Editorial member: “Billedkunstneren”, Visual Artists of Norway
1980-1982 Editor: “Billedkunstneren”, Visual Artists of Norway