Silver Mind


Kongsberg Kunstforening
12. June – 22. August

Photo: Hilde Honerud / Werner Zellien / Nina Bang

The extensive, site-specific exhibition Silver Mind shows neon works, paintings, performances, daguerreotypes and graphic works. Here, Kongsberg’s history is linked to a local / national / global perspective. A both industrial and cultural history that spans almost 400 years, from early mining with the extraction of silver, to the contemporary high-tech and globalized industry that also includes the highly topical debate topic Norwegian weapons production.

In the many works, our time is reflected and points to situations that we can not escape but on the contrary we must take a stand on in order to prepare for a challenging future. High-tech industrial development opens up the design of a new technological and economic culture, but at the same time presents challenges for our humanistic culture. The balance in our outer / inner space is affected and shifted. Both the exhibition and the seminar invite engagement and reflection.

The neon work Silver Mind, which is also the title of the exhibition, refers to the dog Silver that the artist grew up with and to how the extraction of silver has affected those who have grown up on Kongsberg. Silver is part of the city’s culture and is part of several of the works on display. Silver Mind also refers to a method: How we think leads to how we act.

The KONGSBERG seminar2021, High technology and humanity, took place in Sølvsalen, Krona on Saturday 21 August. Lectures by Hilde Honerud, Linda Bournane Engelbert, Thorbjørn Jagland, Jon Hovland Honerud and Bernt Hagtvet. Speaker Tone Østerdal. Responsible Per Hess and Kongsberg Kunstforening.