ROOM # 7


Neon installation
Text: Josefine Lyche
Photo: Werner Zellien

From the press release:

LYNX is proud to present:
”Why the obsession with worldly possessions? When it’s your time to go, they have to stay behind, so pack light.”Alex Morritt

ROOM # 7 is a temporary neon installation, site specific for the pavilion LYNX is situated in.
Artist Per Hess aims to recreate the 1820th pre air/light pollution star gazing from the pavilion, when the sky seemed an endless and enthralling experience that provided an enhanced experience of the infinite against the ephemeral. A feeling that is difficult to evoke in a natural way today without moving far away from the capital.

Hess installation at LYNX intends to show what such an experience has evolved to today by creating a perceptible color experience related to the star constellation Lynx (which the gallery is named after and lies directly below during the winter months).

The room size and shape provides a very special opportunity for the use of colored neon lights as a communicative element. As political templates opens a new world of artistic development for Hess to examine colored neon in a unique space:

“I take back the gazebo as observatory and fills the room with a perceptible color experience as an extension of my research related to economics and values.”

The preparation of neon lights has not changed since it was invented in 1910, only 12 years after the gas neon was found. Per Hess find the transformation of neon used merely as a commercial product (used to brand another commercial product), to become a significant art medium, as important in his ongoing investigation in the relationship between art, money and capital, also seen in previous installations ROOM # 5 in 55 Biennale di Venezia and ROOM # 6 at TRAFO Kunsthall.

In Hess work with light, both in his paintings, and the literal use light pieces like ROOM # 7 at LYNX; light as a metaphor for a higher meaning and as the source of the existence itself has been identified and are filled with new meanings and pointed in the right direction.

It’s all there; a star symbol, blue darkness and spectral lighting elements; excerpts of spectral measurements of light from the star constellation Lynx, a light that travels xxxx million years to reach earth. A magic moment where the rational meets the spiritual. Perhaps the only time there has been direct contact between Lynx and LYNX.