ROOM # 6


“Room # 6”. TRAFO kunsthall, Asker, Norway
Acrylic varnish on canvas and MDF, various sizes.

From the press release:

With the installation “Room # 6” in the Cube Per Hess takes up the threads of his previous project “Room # 5” which was displayed in the exhibition “Personal Structures”, Palazzo Bembo as a part of the 55 Biennale di Venezia. Here he discusses the relationship between art and capital through painting pointing on the different types of values, art and money, where money greedily consume art to outwit its autonomous value.

Per Hess is an artist who has consistently worked with painting as a medium for decades. His luminous, often almost white images are created in a complex time consuming process and restrained with countless layers of thin glazes. He demonstrates a genuine love for the work of art


These paintings can at the moment be perceived as an expression of spirituality. A temporal flirt with the esoteric is not applicable to Per Hess. He has in his long practice as a painter commented the relationship between art as human capital, and money and capital, in dialogue with his contemporary time. “Room # 6” provides an insight into this long production.

Hess believes that cash economy is a form of superstition that displaces other values. Many claims today that art not can be autonomous, but only a subject to economic systems. Per Hess will stick to that art has an intrinsic value that can be a counterweight to the monetary economys absence of empathy. He uses his position to work with his paintings and ideas in a playful way, and creates the possibility for an open interpretation of his works.