Site-specific installation, Hommage á Monet, Gallery1, Sandvika, Norway.
Acrylic/varnish on canvas, 5 works in series, 70 x 70 x 3,5 cm.
Color can be an instrument to elucidate various political topics related to areas such as finance and communication. This exhibition at Kunst1 investigates the world famous colorist Claude Monets 2 months long stay in Sandvika februar and mars 1895, where he «wanted to paint the white snow in all its colors». He lived in the house where the exhibition took place.

In one of his signatures the letter t in Monet had virtually the shape of a Y. This has only occurred one time in all of Monet’s total production. No other of his paintings are signed so. The Y allows Monet being the Money. In an unconsciously but clairvoyant moment Monet has captured an unintended aspect of developments in the value of his paintings at the international art market.